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Womens Sandals Au

Buyers Guide to Black Sandals by

Every now and then it's good to go back to the fashion basics. Even though your shoe closet may be filled with black shoes, you can never go wrong by adding another pair of black sandals to your shoe wardrobe. Black sandals can be simple or they can be sky high and strappy. Black sandals are essential as you plan your spring and summer wardrobes.

When searching for black sandals consider the following trends:

Gladiator Black Sandals: You either love gladiator sandals or you hate them. To be quite honest, I prefer my gladiator sandals to maintain neutrality. Gladiator sandals can be over the top, which is why it can be a good idea to nix the idea of gladiator sandals in neon hues. However, when searching for black sandals do consider gladiator styles. These type of black sandals can be edgy and provide your outfit with the extra 'oomph' you need to go from basic to explicit. Tips: Pair your black sandals with shorts, skirts, and floaty dresses. Also, opt for flat styles.

Sky High Black Sandals: There's a difference between the black sandals you wear to the beach and the black sandals you wear to make a statement. Depending on the occasion sky high black sandals could very well be an appropriate choice. Cocktail party? Appropriate. Evening with friends? Appropriate. Concert? Appropriate. Black sandals with higher heels (and even platforms) accentuate your calves and legs and accent you femininity. Tip: A plain shirt-dress paired with sky high black sandals focuses on the sandals and screams sexy.

'Patent Leather Black Sandals: Patent leather black sandals can be flat, mid heel, or high heel. Patent leather black sandals are in abundance (there are even patent leather gladiator sandals) and you have numerous choices. Whether your style is more bohemian, flamboyant, or preppy, patent leather black sandals offer the perfect combination of glossy, mod, and well executed fashion glamor. Tip: Complete your outfit with a patent leather clutch purse.

'Strappy Black Sandals: Channel your inner vixen by opting for stappy black sandals. Strappy black sandals can have hook and eye closures, ankle straps, criss cross ties, and even buckles! If you're passionate about embellishment and detail strappy black sandals are perfect for you. Tip: 'Designers like Jeffrey Campbell, L.A.M.B., Sam Edelmann, and Jimmy Choo have fabulous strappy black sandals on the fashion market. Wear strappy black sandals with skinny jeans, linen pants, cocktail dresses, cardigan dresses, and jumpers.

Because black is a basic color and can typically be paired with many, other colors, black sandals can be paired with many of your outfits. When traveling this summer you can pack lightly, because your black sandals can be matched with multiple outfits. You can rely on black sandals to be your fashion foundation. You can also rely on Like.com to provide you with a plethora of trendy black sandals to get you to the next season.

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