Womens Italian Boots

Womens Italian Boots

Designer Boots by Jessica Stern

There are many shoe designers that have boots in their massive collections. Designer boots can be affordable, depending on where you buy them. However, many people think that if you pay more for your designer boots, they are of better quality than those bought for less expensive prices.

Many designers from Yves Saint Laurent to Gucci, Velvet Angels to Jimmy Choo all offer some of the most expensive designer boots on the market. This is not to say that these boots are worth more than others, it is simply paying for the name attached to the boot. The most popular Jimmy Choo designer boots are made of black leather and have 4 buckles across the foot. These are ankle boots and have a pointed toe with polished gold colored buckles, and are lightly lined inside. These designer boots offer a 4 inch heel and are made of Italian leather, which is why the cost is so exuberant. With a price tag of over $800, one can see why someone would think that lesser boots are not made with the same standards in mind.

The newest name on the fashion scene is Velvet Angels. This company offers black deerskin boots that measure from the floor, 81 inches. These designer boots have a deerskin upper with fabric and leather lining inside. These boots offer a 4 inch heel in a leather covered platform. For a price of just under $400, these boots look as spectacular as the Jimmy Choo, but cost less due to the maker being so new.

Gucci offers a pair of their designer boots for just under $1,900. These lovely boots are grey in color, and have sweet tassels on the outer edge as an accent. Pebbled leather outers with a whip stitch detail, these boots offer a round toe and a leather lining. A 4 inch heel and the shaft measuring 10 inches, any woman would gladly pay the price for these Italian leather creations.

The Yves Saint Laurent designer boots that are the most popular are made of Italian leather and has a heel of 5 inches. With a barely pointed toe and patent leather trim around the grained leather of the shoe, this boot offers the same specs as the Velvet Angels boot. However, the price for these boots averages about $1,300. The price difference is simply due to the name that is attached to the designer.

No matter the designer boots you choose, expect to pay at least a couple hundred dollars per pair. Not only is the workmanship and materials included in the cost, but the name of the designer that created them. Not everyone can say they own a pair of Jimmy Choo designer boots, so play it up when you buy them. Show everyone you know how well you know your designers by showing off the latest purchase. A famous designer once said "Make them stare, make them cry, make them laugh with you and make them die to wear your designs." Take heed and make everyone envy your designer boots.

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