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Women Italian Made

Italian Badger Kabuki Brush Review by Marilyn Etzel..

Mineral makeup provides healthy ingredients for your skin and a great look for your face. But, the makeup wouldn't be as beautiful if it wasn't applied well. Kabuki brushes are made for mineral makeup application. One such brush is the Italian badger kabuki brush.

Kabuki brushes are the application tool of choice when applying mineral makeup. They come in natural hair and synthetic bristle brushes. The synthetic brushes are cheaper but can irritate the skin of makeup wearers with sensitive skin.

Natural hair brushes are an alternative for those with sensitive skin or those who just like the feel of a softer makeup brush. Italian badger kabuki brushes have become a popular brush type for mineral makeup.

What sets these brushes apart?

Have you ever seen a badger? They are cute animals related to weasels. You might have heard of their cousin, the sable. Natural brushes are made from their hairs as well. Badgers around the world come in different colors but have the same look: they have a white face with a colored streak on either side of their nose.

Some think that Italian badger hair is softer than other natural hairs. The softer bristles allow it to be used for several makeup applications: blushes, bronzers and foundations. The entire brush is extremely dense to avoid excess spreading of the bristles and rogue hairs that won't stay uniform. An intact brush gives even coverage to your face.

Animal lovers don't have to shun natural hair makeup brushes. When making Italian badger kabuki brushes the animals themselves are not harmed. This kabuki brush is cruelty-free so rest easy.

What do these brushes look like?

There is a distinct coloring with Italian badger kabuki brushes. You might say that they resemble their animal of origin. These kabuki mineral makeup brushes are white with black tips. In the Italian badger line, there are several brushes to be used for applying the mineral makeup powders:

Kabuki fan brush

Kabuki flat top brush

Kabuki dome brush

Short kabuki deluxe brush

Each brush has dense soft hairs in various shapes that spread the makeup evenly across your face. Most choose the deluxe brush since it is all-purpose. Makeup applied to these brushes clings to the entire bristle so much is not needed. Excess powder is shaken off so it won't cake on your face. A smooth flawless look is what you want and what you get with an Italian Hair kabuki brush.

Anything else?

When you take care of your Italian badger kabuki brush, you will have it to use for a long, long time. There could be a smell when you first purchase it since it's an animal hair brush. As you clean the kabuki brush, the smell will go away. Clean the brush before you use it the first time if the smell is that bad.

To clean your Italian badger brush, wash the hairs using your favorite shampoo. Rinse the kabuki brush in clean water and squeeze out any excess water. Shake the bristles to separate them and let it dry completely before using it.

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