Suede Shoes

Suede Shoes

The problem has been particularly bad in women's shoes. by Jahir Mamun

No matter what they say about men and women being the same, most men will never understand how beautiful and sexy women feel when they wear high heel stilettos, despite of how uncomfortable the heels might be.
So what's the big deal about heels and shoes? Why do some women spend hundreds of dollars buying shoes which are uncomfortable and damaging to their feet and back?
First of all, high heels make women look more appealing. Wearing them not only makes woman's legs look longer, but changes her whole posture and make her carry herself differently. Of course, it stands true only if a woman knows how to walk on high heels properly. Making wide steps and having knees and back bent doesn't make anyone sexier.
For women who are not willing to sacrifice their comfort for style, buying shoes with moderately high heels is a good alternative. They make womens' legs look good without compromising their health.
Women like to have different styles and colors of shoes, because they can compliment and spice up any outfit. Especially if a woman has matching accessories to go along with them.
Some women say that buying shoes makes them happier because they love the process of looking for the perfect pair and the satisfaction of finding it.
For women, Fashion is one of the most important things in life. They always want to look at their best and possess the latest and the most unique looking fashion accessories in the market. They always want to be the most fashionable and beautiful of all the competition.

Shoes for women are perhaps the most roughly used fashion accessory. They have to go through all sorts of situations, rain, dirt, mud and so much more therefore it is only logical that their wear and tear is the most among all items of fashion. However the damage done due to this rough usage can be controlled by caring for your shoes.

To smooth the surface of the suede one can use a suede metal brush and brush out the effect of using the eraser. Always brush the suede in a circular pattern to avoid damaging the suede. It is always advisable that you use tools designed specifically for cleaning suede as they will not damage the suede.

A good pair of designer shoes that fit properly is worth their weight in gold. For years, people have put up with 'generic' sizing in footwear, and considering that everyone's feet are different, a generic approach to shoe sizes has resulted in generations of men and women cramming their feet into ill-fitting shoes and suffering the consequences. Shoes that don't fit properly can lead to calluses, corns and even painful bunions and in the worst cases can actually distort the delicate bones of the feet, making walking painful.
Designer shoes are an investment, and buying a pair that fit correctly will increase the life of the shoes, giving you better value for money in the long run. Buying a pair of wide fitting shoes that accommodate your feet comfortably without pinching or bunching can make a world of difference, particularly if you're on your feet all day or spending the evening dancing at a club. If you've had problems with standard fittings in the past, shop around for retailers that offer a variety of width fit shoes, make sure you have your feet measured properly by an expert and invest in a pair of shoes that will give you both comfort and style.

While shopping shoes for women is fun and can certainly cheer you up, it is important not to turn your weakness into an unhealthy obsession and shoe-aholism. However before using anything on your ladies shoes always remember to test it on a little part of the shoe.

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