Suede Fashion Boots

Suede Fashion Boots

Sheepskin Boots by Jessica Stern

There are many designer brands of sheepskin boots including but not limited to UGG, Aussie, Warmbat Australia and Emu Australia. Each of these designers specializes in extensive lines of sheepskin boots for the entire family.

There are many attributes that make sheepskin boots more durable and a better buy than any other type of winter boots. To know more about what you are buying, here are a few terms used when it comes to sheepskin boots. Twin face sheepskin is used in many types of these boots, and it is a piece of sheepskin that is treated on the skin side and the fleece side to create a softer skin. Grade A sheepskin is the densest and softest available. If you have ever had sheepskin boots that are itchy or coarse, this was probably made from a lesser grade sheepskin or a synthetic blend.

Grade A sheepskin helps to pull away moisture from the foot as well as allowing for natural breathability. Since sheepskin is a naturally thermostatic material, you will stay warmer. This means that the sheepskin keeps the temperature of the skin inside the boot the same temperature and blocks out other temperatures, so the foot will stay warm. With certain sheepskin boots for example, the use of woolen sheepskin is done so that the feet are dry and warm in temperatures as low as 30 degrees below Fahrenheit.

Caring for your sheepskin boots is of the utmost importance if you want to keep them for more than one season of use. Water and stain repellants should be used to treat the entire outer area of the upper and the shaft of the boots as soon as you purchase them. This will help to avoid any staining that could happen due to the weather. There are many sheepskin water and stain repellants that are sprayed onto the material. Simply spray it on until the surface looks wet and allow the boots to then dry for a full 24 hours out of sunlight and heat. Brushing your sheepskin boots with a soft bristled suede brush will help to keep the natural appearance of the sheepskin. If you should get any type of stain or marred area, simply use a clean damp rag to blot at the stain gently. Do not ever rub the stain or use any cleaning product on it. Reusing the stain and water repellant you have for the boots will help along with using the suede brush to remove any residual stains will help restore the surface in most cases.

Sheepskin boots are a great addition to any closet, but fitting for them is different than the average shoe. The boots should be snug on the foot, as they will give slightly with wear to mold to the shape of the feet. These boots are also designed to be worn with no socks, and will mold to the foot. For women, a foot that measures 9 inches or 23.5 centimeters will wear a size 6 , while a foot that measures 9 5/8 inches or 24.5 centimeters will wear a size 7 . Sizes go up a half size at a time with every half centimeter.

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