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Boys Shoes by Jeff John

Although most people think that young boys don’t really care about style or fashion, nothing could be further from the truth. It may be true that boys think less about fashion than girls do, but to say that it isn’t even a consideration for a boy would not be incorrect.

Boys do tend to be more active, and so they are harder on shoes than girls are. But boys shoes still need to be in fashion, even if they’re wearing them to ride bikes, play basketball, or tear around the neighborhood. This can present a unique challenge to parents or guardians who want to keep their young boys in nice shoes that stand up to the rigorous activities that are part of their daily life.

The good news is that there are many makers of boys shoes who are aware of this need for fashion and durability. Athletic-style shoes may be the biggest part of a boy’s footwear, but dress shoes and boots can also be an important choice in what they wear, and there are a great many ways for young men to look good and still have fun.

The category of boys shoes includes even the very young ones. Fortunately there are many makers of boys shoes who offer very practical and durable shoes for toddlers and infants, including slip-ons and Velcro strap shoes that will make the life of their parents or guardians so much easier. L’Amour is one maker of boys shoes who offers a large selection of easy-to-wear and rugged shoes of all kinds for toddlers and infants, including moccasin-style strap-on shoes, sneakers with Velcro fasteners, and dressy leather shoes in brown and black.

The importance of athletic shoes becomes even more important as boys approach school age, and there are a great many styles to choose from. This is one area of boys shoes that manufacturers have put a lot of thought into, and it shows in the variety of colors and styles that are available. Stride Rite, Keds, Converse, and Saucony are just a few of the makers of boys shoes that recognize the importance of an athletic shoe that wears well and looks good at the same time.

Boys who live in colder climates also need durable shoes that still have a sense of fashion. Keen, Timberland, Hi-Tec, and Primigi all offer a good selection in leather boots and durable winter shoes that can withstand harsher weather while keeping up with the latest trends. The European influence in boys shoes is also represented by Ecco, Umi, and Naturino, who make some of the finest boys shoes available. Their shoes come in all styles of footwear imaginable, including athletic, casual, and dress shoes and boots.

There are other manufacturers of boys shoes as well who offer a great selection in many styles. Kenneth Cole and See Kai Run are two very popular makers of boys shoes, because they know how to keep up with the latest fashion trends whether it’s in an athletic shoe, a sandal, a moccasin, or a dress shoe. The choices available to boys are varied enough to make any young man happy.

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