Stiletto Eu 37

Stiletto Eu 37

How To Wear Stiletto Boots With Style by

A woman's boots collection is never complete without a pair of stiletto boots. Stiletto heels have great fashion appeal because they are definitely very sexy and eye-catching. Stiletto boots come in all shapes and sizes, and today's stiletto heels can be even more comfortable than most other kinds of shoes. A stiletto heel is one that ranges between the lengths of one inch to ten inches. What makes them unique is that the heel itself is thin and spiky. A favorite among most fashionistas, stiletto boots remain a great fashion item to own since the early 50's. The stiletto heel continues to reign on the runways.

If you're looking for the best material for a pair of stilettos, look no further than this range of fabulous stiletto leather boots. Leather is always associated with all things sexy. Leather jackets or bags have always been popular with women, and leather boots are of no exception. A pair of slouchy leather boots would go well with a pair of opaque tights. Go retro with a pair of printed tights and off shoulder sweater. Jeans and a pair of leather jacket may also be a combination to complete the look. Skinny jeans work best because it would help avoid the bunched up look with slouchy leather boots. For a more demure approach, contrast a pair of stiletto leather boots with a babydoll dress and simple cardigan.

There are many kinds of stiletto boots available. One of them is the stiletto thigh high boots made popular by Julia Roberts's character, Vivian Ward, in the movie 'Pretty Woman'. The movie was a great success, and along with it, the boots. Often associated with the image of a 'femme fatale', a pair of thigh high boots can be worth your money when worn with the correct outfit. Even celebrities have been spotted with these shoes such as Carrie Underwood and supermodel Kate Moss. Paired with skinny jeans and balanced out with a bulkier jacket, the look is ultimately chic and sexy.

Moving down the length line is this range of stiletto calf high boots. With varying heels, you would be sure to find a pair that suits your sense of style and comfort. For a unique look, go for a pair of white stiletto boots. Wear this with a simple white dress for a white-washed look, or go for a Little Black Dress for nights out hitting the clubs. Go tres chic by wearing a pair of black stiletto boots with a trench coat jacket and black tights. Don't forget about your purses, ladies, because they add on the final touch to your perfect outfit.

At the bottom of the length line is this range of stiletto ankle high boots. Not only suitable to be worn out roaming the high street, this type of shoes is also suitable for work. Do bear in mind that stilettos are able to make your legs look longer and boost your height tremendously. This is able to provide you with the confidence you would need when meeting clients or the boss. Compared to thigh high shoes or calf high shoes, ankle length shoes are a more subtle touch for a sexy outlook. Pick a pair with details like cut outs and diamantes for nights out, or pick a simple classy pair in black or grey for work.

Since stiletto heels are meant to make the wearer appear sexy, those of you who dare to go the extreme fashion way should opt for a pair of stiletto red boots. Red dares people to look at your feet, and if attention is what you seek, bravely purchase a pair today. Those of you who want a tinge of red but are afraid of attracting too much attention can go for a pair in black with red details like laces and buckles. If you find that a pair of red knee high stiletto boots a bit too much for you, why not select a pair that is of ankle length? They look stylish and scream attention but at just the right amount.

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