Size Italian Leather

Size Italian Leather

Italian Shoes: A Justified Obsession by Gabrila Rupp

If you’ve ever heard anyone say â€These are Italian†about their shoes, there was probably a bit of pride and a slight air of snobbery in their tone. If you’ve never owned a pair of Italian shoes, this could have upset you. But take heart. You’re not alone, although you really should join the masses. There’s a reason people take pride in, and even covet a pair of Italian shoes.

Extremely Intense Comfort Level

Italian shoes are famous for their comfort level, especially when it comes to a pair of stilettos or high heels. It’s very difficult for a woman to balance her body weight on the ball of her foot and the point of a shoe. Some women have a knack for it, saying â€These are comfortable!†no matter what type of shoes they have on. Others know that those statements may be entirely shallow, for a truly comfortable stiletto can only be found when made with Italian leather.

Ever wonder why celebrities walk so comfortably down the red carpet? Aside from years of practice, the shoes they’re wearing are high quality, the majority of them being Italian in origin. You’ll likely notice that â€butter soft†is the phrase used to describe Italian leather shoes. This is because it truly is soft as butter; sliding your feet into them is as easy as sliding a hot knife through butter. And standing in them is almost like walking on air. There’s virtually no pressure on your feet when walking in Italian shoes, which is why some models can walk in 4-inch heels. Those shoes are typically very high quality, so they really don’t feel a thing.

Flexible Style and Fit

Walking into a shoe store is usually daunting, even to an experienced shopper. Picking through shoes, trying them on, seeing if they’ll be OK after 20 minutes on your feet †all of that is really a big chore. But Italian shoes aren’t really that way. No matter what your shoe size or width you’ll find an Italian shoe that fits your feet.

People with extremely wide or narrow feet have limited options when it comes to buying shoes out of a store. Those shoes are made for the average foot size, and while something might be labeled â€wide,†trying it on may find you with just a little bit more room to put on your socks.

But Italian shoes don’t have that problem. Italian leather is very finely made, and stretches to fit any foot. Having a pair on your feet makes it literally seem like your shoe is molded and custom made to your exact fit. And you’re not limited to just a handful of shoe designs. Coming from a country that boasts one of the fashion capitals of the world, Italian shoes have a reputation to uphold. Thus, they are often bold and fierce, at times making more of a statement than the outfit you’re wearing it with. They stand out all on their own, and come in every color you can imagine. And although most of the time it’s women who are doing the shoe buying, even men can’t deny that Italian shoes are made of the highest quality material.

Italian Shoes can make even the most unsightly foot seem irresistible. They are sexy, eloquent, and are made to suit anyone's taste and preference. For more details visit

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