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The Enduring Popularity of Gold Body Jewelry by Ron Wicker

Gold body jewelry begins to show up in history around 3000 BC, when the ancient Egyptians used this malleable metal to create all manner of body ornamentation because it would remain bright and not tarnish. The Egyptians fashioned some of the world's most ornate gold body jewelry, and their efforts are still thought by many to be guided by divine forces.

The Greeks used gold to sculpt oversize natural objects such as beetles and shells as well as making beautiful necklaces and earrings. Then the Romans began to create gold coins and use these as their main form of currency. This metal in its purest form could be marked by simply biting it. This is why the Karat system exists. Gold is melted along with other metals to make it harder to mar. The higher the Karat, the more gold is present in the equation. Though 24K is pure gold, 14K gold is thought to be an ideal mix for body jewelry
because it doesn't tarnish and remains nearly impermeable to scratching.

Significance of the Gold Toe Ring

In India, toe rings have the same significance of golden finger rings in the Western world. They imply that the wearer is married. In Hindu culture, this toe ring is known as a bichiya and is worn on the second toe of both feet. The bichiya is made of silver, gold or other metals.

In the US and other Western countries, the gold toe ring has become a fashion accessory that continues to rise in popularity. Here, unlike India, gold is a very popular material for making these curious fashion statements. Gold toe rings are very comfortable and will not tarnish. They are usually worn by females and spotlighted by sandals or open toed shoes. The gold toe ring can be worn with anything from everyday dress to very elegant styles. This new edition to western jewelry opens many possibilities for gold. Rings and especially the gold toe ring are a simple way to draw attention to the wearer.

Gold Belly Rings

Gold belly button rings are another new and very popular accessory in Western fashion. Unlike the toe ring, this new trend appears to have no historical ties and is a truly modern movement in body piercing. Belly piercing is practiced by both men and women and has become such a mainstream phenomenon that individuals will wear very detailed and unique jewelry. There are curved gold belly rings, barbell styles, jeweled tips and dangling belly decorations. Gold belly rings still remain the most popular and lovely of all metals.


Gold is a classic. It has been with us from the time of the Egyptians to now, when a new generation is creating hybrid forms of postmodern ornamentation such as gold toe rings, gold belly rings, necklaces and earrings. Gold body jewelry will undoubtedly continue to be a
primary focus in physical adornment as we move into the future.

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