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Funny Secret Santa Gifts by find-me-a-gift

Funny Secret Santa Gifts - Top Ten Gifts From Find Me A Gift

So it's Christmas time again and we're all as unorganised as each another, even though we promised last year we wouldn't be. But, you know, it really doesn't matter anymore. There is no need for you to go out and rush around the shops full of shrieking people only to find a great lack of gifts to peruse: Find Me A Gift stock everything you could possibly need. So, as just one small part of the festive holiday, we provide gifts for the Secret Santa event! And funny one's too...

Geek Power- Geek Trumps Card Game
This set of cards will have anyone going for hours. Simply compare the profiles and whoever is the geekiest wins! A simple and fun game that can last as long as you desire, and which is bound to make everyone laugh. You can't lose with a buy like this; it will suit any individual! You'll never have someone wishing to be more of a geek than when playing this!
Current Sale Price 4.50 (subject to change) RRP 4.99 http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk/geek-power-cards-geek-trumps.html

Borat Mankini
Of course this gift would only be suitable for the male species but that's fine. Just imagine your Secret Santa receiver opening their eyes to this! What more can I say? It really would be a sight watching them try it on for the group! You could of course run away beforehand...
Price 9.90

Arse Face Towel
Because we know some are hygiene freaks, some are just cleanly and others like a bit of fun we offer you the Arse Face Towel. I don't know about you but I would consider this the ultimate gift for the Secret Santa purely because you're bound to get a good reaction from your buy. Appreciated by all, even if it is for a laugh, your thoughts would be well spent.
Current Sale Price 7.49 (subject to change) RRP 12.99

Sat Nag in Car Nagging System
Everyone relies on their Sat Nav's nowadays. We don't know why: people may have become lazy, or just so uneducated we can't read maps. But either way, we use them. Quite frankly, I hate them: the voices, the commands, the long journeys they send you on... so frustrating! And this is why we introduce you to the Sat Nag: the in-car nagging system. A wonderful gift for Secret Santa as it brings such a good laugh on a horrendous journey!
Price 8.99

Grow Your Own Gay Best Friend
Because every woman likes attention. And who do we always get attention off? Gay best friends! This gift is definitely perfect for man or woman, if you're seeking a new friendship. In that case the perfect Secret Santa I would say.
Current Sale Price 1.49 (subject to change) RRP 1.99

Inflatable Instant Boob Job
If you're Secret Santa receiver is female (or a drag queen) this is a hilarious gift to opt for! The lucky recipient will no longer need to consider going under the knife and being in pain for months... these Inflatable Boobs are all she will need! Next time you all go out, just count how many males she pulls. And then she can thank us at Find Me A Gift!
Current Sale Price 1.99 (subject to change) RRP 3.99

3D Puzzle Ball- Addictaballs Large
For those who like a challenge... or a good laugh! The Addictaball is a complicated puzzle in which everyone can join in and have some- difficult- fun. The 360 degree puzzle track allows for hours of competition. Just give it a go and see if you have the patience to crack it or not!
Price 11.99 http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk/puzzles-balls-3d-puzzles-addictaballs-large.html

Drinking Straw Glasses
Because it's Christmas, and at this festive time we all like having fun, Drinking Straw Glasses seem nothing but ideal. Especially for something like Secret Santa! For the adults, why not use them as a funky way to get tipsy with. And the little ones? Have a 'fastest drinking' competition! Simple, glorious fun.
Price 2.99

Fear of Spiders- Cure for Spiders Phobia
As you can see, not appropriate for all but nowadays, appropriate for most! Great for anyone who has a fear of spiders so they can have a good laugh about their phobia and hopefully cure it. Solved by Dr Harvey Quaint, anyone with arachnophobia is sure to be appreciative!
Current Sale Price 1.99 (subject to change) RRP 3.50

Racing Grannies
A hilarious game for all ages! Watch this pair of grannies race each other, lead by their Zimmer frames! It's such an easy game to play yet it can end up so competitive. And it's guaranteed everyone will be in absolute stitches! The perfect Secret Santa gift, hey? Definitely.

All of these great gifts are available online at www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk. For high res images, samples or more information, please contact Jo on 01926 818811 or email jo@findmeagift.com.

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