Riding Boots Shoes

Riding Boots Shoes

Which of These Paddock Boots Should You Get for Horse Riding? by

For the experts, they'd know that a good pair riding boots is essential in horse riding. Riding boots help to provide a good grip through the stirrup as well as to prevent the leather of the saddle from pinching the leg of the rider. Paddock boots are one of the most typical types of riding boots around, and they are mostly used for pleasure riding and everyday use. They are also less costly than the tall boots, which are also common in horse riding. Paddock boots are also known as Jodhpur boots. Sometimes they are combined with half chaps, a type of gaiter that acts as extra protection or just to give the impression of tall boots.

If you're planning to get the best of these boots, then you would want to stop by Ariat. The Ariat paddock boots are the highest in rank among riders' favorite brand. They are high in quality and have different boot options for riders of all levels and disciplines. The Ariat Heritage Sport Paddock Everyday Boots has lace closure and elastic goring at the collar for easy wearing and snug fit. These boots are also made with waterproof leather and Cordura fabric upper, the Ariat Four Layer Rebound technology allow for long lasting support through the EVA cushioning and moisture wicking foot bed. The boots from Ariat can be quite pricey though, so you might want to consider other brands if price is an issue.

But let's take a look at what types of boots you can get. The most common ones would of course be the ankle paddock boots. They are short boots that come just above the ankle and are worn by adults or children who are beginners in horse riding. Try on the Quantum Performer Soft Tow Work Boots for a size. They are constructed from waterproof premium full grain leather and bear lace closure with elastic goring as well. The foot bed is woven with real silver and anti-static X-Static which helps to regulate temperature and prevents odors. You can go the distance in this moist-wicking, comfortable boots that is also infused with lateral stability.

While plenty of the riding boots might be made with waterproof materials, it would do you good to ensure that they indeed are. Check out some of these waterproof boots that function just as well as for riding purposes. The Grand Prix Aquasport Sip Paddock Boots is a sturdy pair of boots that won't let you down. They are made with superior design with waterproof Aquasport leather lining and feature a brass zipper. The comfort foot insoles are sewn in ripple sole to ensure that you can ride in comfort while being supported through and through.

Another type of boots preferred in horse riding would be the field boots, which give the riders a more comfortable ride with the extra layer of leather on the toe. Aside horse riding, they are also favored in other jumping disciplines like show jumping, fox hunting and hunt seat equitation. The Equestrian Collectior presents the OV Gold Circuit Pro Filed Boots, which is built with Goodyear welted soles. The boots are designed with XTC flexible foot bed with arch system to maximize the stability and comfort in the stirrups. The leather's ultra soft natural finish ensures that you have the most comfortable seat ever.

These boots are usually made of genuine leather and that is why they are quite pricey. For cheaper options, try the ones that aren't made with full grain leather, or are without half chaps, though that would not be encouraged as they do give you a good amount of protection the field.


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