Pumps 38

Pumps 38

Pool Pumps and Filters Combined into one Unit †Are They What You Need by Alejandra Gibson1

Aside from your pool itself, the pool pump and filter that you use will be the two most important pieces of equipment that you will need to keep your pool operating and clean. One new option that is now being marketed is pool pumps and filter that come as one integrated unit.

A Perfectly Matched Complete System

The STA-RITE inground sand pump and filter system is just one of these systems and it allows you to simplify your pools water maintenance system by combining both into one easy to install unit. Its a perfectly matched, easy maintenance system that takes the guesswork out of matching and buying two separate systems.

One Year Guarantee

Also, the one year guarantee covers both the pool pump and the filter which simplifies matters even more. However; it is doubtful that you will need the guarantee for the one piece corrosion resistant polyethylene tank that can stand up to years of exposure to any type of weather conditions.

Easy Backflushing

As far as the filter is concerned, it is the latest in simplicity of operation. Its â€easy glideâ€, 6 position, top mount, multi-port valve makes for easy backflushing and smooth flawless operation.

Optimal Pool Clarity

Inside of the filter system, it features the very latest in advanced engineering with uniquely designed diffusers and laterals that make for a far more even and balanced flow over the sand bed for optimal pool water clarity.

Energy Saving Technology

Powering this double unit is the very latest in energy saving technology in the super efficient Max-E Pro Pump. Also, no need to shop around playing water system match maker, because this system comes complete with the pump, filter tank and multi-port

Written by Alejandra Gibson. Come visit my website where you can find the latest details regarding Swimming pool pumps as well as Pool Filters

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Pool-Pumps-and-Filters-Combined-into-one-Unit-----Are-They-What-You-Need/440578

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