Pink Shoes Size

Pink Shoes Size

Tang Dynasty woman wearing flat shoes, a variety of textures by slary

Information from the archaeological point of view, the Tang Dynasty women's footwear can be divided into two high-head head shapes of the peace. Alice Lu, also known as high-head head shoe, Astana tomb of the screen 230, painting "Ladies" in the women wore shoes that Alice head shoes, upturned toe, and decorated with patterns. This pair of shoes Jin Yun first upper, toe, have adopted the advanced fabric lining, in particular, lined with blue, green, red, purple, egg, white, and yellow yarn-dyed into the color of the seven birds clouds and other ornamentation by Kam , where blue, purple, red, green eggs between four color bars halo. This is the color of the Tang Dynasty in flowering among the most luxurious halo Choi Jin varieties. Is a variant of the gorgeous upper-phase pattern Po, from the toe in a red, pink, white, dark green, light green, yellow, sapphire blue, eight-color ink purple twill woven silk brocades, colorful flower pattern for the red to size composition of floral center flowers, rare birds and animals around the cirrus line Xia, Seocho Sanhua between the lateral and miscellaneous home sprays of flowers and rocks Yuan Shu. Toe head shape was the towering clouds. This pair of shoes Jin Yun first fully shows the mid-Tang Dynasty brocade, color, flowering flowering combination of the three artistic level, is extremely rare Tang clothing boutique in one.

Tang Dynasty woman wearing flat shoes Ma, Po, leather and other textures. Prepared with twine called hemp shoes shoes, also known as line shoes, Astana Tombs, such as a pair of hemp shoes, thick crust with a thick hemp rope woven from fine linen and woven upper. Lichtung upper structure, the middle of woven hollow-like, similar to modern sandals. 187 Astana tomb of the "Go Ladies" in a few maid also wore one of these hemp shoes, hemp shoes, the Tang Dynasty that people generally wear shoes. Hemp shoes, footwear is not a Western should be from the Mainland. But the mainland's line shoes, different from "Go Ladies" in the low status of hemp shoes worn by the lady, but women's fashion capital in the aristocratic luxury. The image of shoes to wear linen paintings in the Tang Dynasty has many reflecting the artist Yan Liben's "Step Revealed map" in the ladies, all wearing hemp shoes. In addition, Shaanxi Long An Tangwei immense stone tomb, and Li Shuang Xian Tang Dynasty tomb murals all have to wear hemp shoes image.

Men's boots Tang Dynasty, more common is the long waist boots, leather boots to the main texture. Astana unearthed in Turpan, such as wooden figurines barbarian, barbarian wearing a Fu first clay figurines, playing polo figurines and the "paternity Horses" in the waist Wrangler wore long boots. King of the warrior figurines ghost riding Gaotong worn boots, top boots have eyelets on both sides, from the buttonholes to wear clothing tie, and then beam in the belt. Astana 1973, also unearthed the tomb of 193 boots a pair of paper, which is buried in the Mingyi, 9 cm-high, long-barreled, Xuejian to foot gap between the connected with twine, tie fabric beam with the ankle fixed, and decorative effect.

Astana Tombs was found in the Po rushes woven shoes, these shoes are also passed by the Central Plains, and more for the people wear in hot summer. Gu Hongzhong Five artists painted "Han Banquet at Night," also can see the image at the specific Po shoes.

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