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Leather Womens Au

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Ladies gloves are one of the women's accessories which started as a protective covering and evolved over the centuries, into a major fashion statement. Today, ladies gloves come in a variety of styles and designs to suit the working woman on the go, the fashion diva, the royalty and finally the housewife! Whether you need work gloves to carry on the chores around the house, or stylish gloves to wear to work, evening gloves for parties, there is one for every occasion. Gone are the days when the most chic, classy gloves meant a visit to Paris or Italy or the US. For those of you, who do not find the time to shop physically, the internet is a great boon! Browse and be rewarded with fantastic post festive season discounts. Sit at home and find the trendiest pair whether it be the leather gloves, or the knit gloves, work gloves- all at the click of a button!

As with any accessory, gloves come in a variety of materials such as silk, velvet, leather, cotton, suede, rubber, etc. There are different gloves for different occasions. Rubber gloves are for protective purposes such as when you are gardening, cleaning, nursing care etc. Leather gloves are great for chilly weather to keep you warm and can be worn to work or partying as with suede. Silk and lace gloves are only for formal occasions such as weddings, or high society partying.

Leather gloves are an all time favourite with women. Never out of fashion, they are the most sought after accessory. The reason is simple ' leather gloves are as versatile in style and size, as the woman in you. The Cashmere lined leather womens gloves by Fratelli Orsini of Italy are designed with details such as seam stitching along with its cool comfortable styling. Available in a multitude of colours such as black, brown, olive, cordovan, these gloves can be coordinated with your favourite matching winter outfits. These leather gloves prove that the quality of leather and stitching along with the style is essential when you wish to own a fine pair of gloves. Made from the finest Italian lambskin leather, they come with a unique side seam decoration and 100 percent cashmere lining inside. The specific methods used in producing these gloves enhance the fit and create a better elasticity. Priced reasonably, these gloves are a fabulous pair to own or to gift. Reeking of style and sophistication, these gloves enhance your overall appeal, be it at a party or at work. When paired with a smart dress, they give a contemporary look and when paired with a cocktail dress, they simply make heads turn!

Knit gloves are no doubt one of the first accessories to appear in a woman's wardrobe to keep the hands warm during the chilly winter months. Easy to wear, good to look at and affordable by one all, black knit gloves are especially easy to match with your jeans or work attire. Wear it to work, or to the mall or to the kids' school, these gloves are casual and chic. For those of you, who believe black knit gloves can be boring try the ladies black knit gloves with faux fur. These plush knit gloves take you from boring to a 'bold' level. The black knit gloves with a ring of fluffy faux fur at the wrist turn the ordinary into a fabulously fashionable accessory. Available in a choice of leopard print faux fur at the wrist or all black, these gloves will see you through winter while stepping up your style. Available at a great discount on the net, these gloves are a steal! Whatever be your winter ensemble these gloves will pep up your style.

Mittens have gained world wide attention and respect after the The Twilight Saga: New Moon! Worn by Bella Swan in Twilight and New Moon, the soft knit mittens are perfect for tackling the coldest winters. Lacoste womens cable knit mittens come closest to those worn by Bella Swan. Made from 50 percent acrylic and 50 percent alpaca, signature croc appliqu', these gloves can be paired with your jacket or sweaters all season long. Available in a range of colours such as white, mother of pearl, Cattleya pink, grey and black these mittens can be worn by the young and old alike. If comfort is your primary requirement then these mittens are the best choice to keep you warm and comfy. Pair it with a long overcoat, and scarf you would be picture perfect!

Thankfully the variety of gloves and mittens available for today's woman makes it possible, albeit a little time taking, to mix and match the perfect pair with your favourite winter outfit and step up your style further while not sacrificing warmth for fashion.


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