Leather Tan

Leather Tan

Tips in Selecting The Best Leather Handbag by

The leather handbag, like diamonds, is a girl's best friend. Many women look for handbags that are practical, durable, long-lasting yet versatile and glamorous. Thus, a leather shoulder handbag will provide one with all these benefits and more. There are various tips when it comes to selecting the best leather handbag. Firstly, look for one that reflects your personality. Find a plain leather handbag without details if you are looking for one to be worn to work or important meetings. For a funky approach, get one that has details such as zips and buckles or logos of the brand of the bag. White leather handbags are great to match with any outfit. White is simple yet classy, and not as boring as black. Secondly, consider the shape of the bag. There are many types of shapes of handbags such as the hobo. The hobo is very popular among the ladies because hobos typically look slouchy when hanging from the shoulder. Hobo bags are usually crescent-shaped with a single shoulder strap. For business purposes, look for a hobo bag that is more structured, while casual outings would call for casual softer versions of the hobo bag.

For women who fancy sleek lines in a classy color, try a leather handbag in black. Black is undoubtedly another easy-to-match color. Black exudes confidence and chic and no matter what season it is, black can never go out of style. Not only is it stylish, it also has practical reasons; black leather handbags do not get dirty easily, and even if dust sticks to it, you can easily wipe them off with a damp cloth. Just be sure to leave it to dry properly before storing it in your closet. For simple choices, look for a black leather women's handbag that is sturdy and structured. This can be worn during work, meetings and even during formal occasions. Look for one that can be worn as a clutch as well for formal dinners. For a unique choice and to stand out from the rest, look for a black leather handbag that has long shoulder straps. The long shoulder strap brings us back to the 70's. Go retro with this choice or with fringes on the bag.

You can never go wrong with tan leather women's handbags. Most women look for a simple tan bag that can be brought to work or to be used for casual outings. Multipurpose slouchy tan bags are popular because it is easy for women to simply chuck everything inside the bag - from keys to make up. Tan is a great color because it is a neutral color and thus can also be matched with the outfit of your choice for the day. Get a bag that's big enough to fit everything inside. Mothers can also benefit from large-sized handbags - baby items can be fit into the bags without the need to carry extra bags. Most tan bags are not one-colored. Look for one that has designs and patterns on it such as floral and stripes for a unique touch. Tan bags are also popular as beach bags, most likely due to its color. Go funky with multicolored bags.

If brands are you thing, check out this range of fabulous leather handbags by Prada. Prada leather women's handbags are beautifully crafted because of its interesting history. Prada handbags epitomize style and luxury in the designer handbag industry. Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, the label has been in existence for almost a century. For a classy look, pick a classic black Prada leather handbag. You can never go wrong with tan or brown as well. Prada also has a selection for the young and bold, whereby colors like red or pink come into picture. If you really like labels, get a leather handbag that has the label "Prada" written in big fonts on the sides of the bags. Other details that can be looked for include tassels and buckles.


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