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How to prevent athlete's foot Current and Maintenance shoes by xiaoxiao90

How to prevent athlete's foot Current

In the young men and students like to wear shoes, because shoes soft and comfortable, and rugged durability. But often wear, foot health is easy to "moisture." Moisture "is" feet wet ", the doctor called" athlete's foot. "It is by the sweat secreted by the body to survive and breed mold caused.'s Feet, especially in the toe part, moisture comes out is difficult, shoes which are often wet, which is fungal activity and create favorable conditions for breeding, so easy to wear sneakers student "athlete's foot."

So, how to wear shoes to prevent the student "athlete's foot" mean? The solution is simply to keep the shoes clean and dry, so often scrub (do not use soap to wash rubber part), took off his shoes at night, after a well ventilated place. Best buy dehydrated alum (ie, anhydrous alum) or anhydrous calcium chloride, lime can also be used gauze wrap, evening shoes to absorb moisture on the gas, then the next morning gauze placed in airtight containers, to prepare then, so that you can wear every day and dry sports shoes. In addition, attention should be paid to wear shoes foot hygiene, not to mold the opportunity to breed, "athlete's foot" can be reduced or not relapse.

Alcohol has a bactericidal effect, to eliminate the smell of shoes, very useful.
Charcoal can also be deodorant.

Maintenance shoes

1, buy the shoes fit, otherwise the shoe easy to distort and make feet hurt.
2, periodically clean the shoes with a damp mop; not fierce brush brush. 3, if the wet shoes, shoes of the fortress in order to maintain the appearance of the newspaper, and let the shoes dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight or high temperature baking.
4, the shoes should avoid contact with solvents, acids, alkalis, oil and corrosive materials.
5, can be replaced to maintain more than two pairs of shoes, so shoes turns off.
6, casual shoes, sandals are not suitable for intense exercise

Size ratio of exchange

Japan Size UK Size Euro Size USA Size


34 21-21.5 23
35 22.0 2.5 3.5
4 36 22.5-23.0 3-3.5
37 23.5 45
38 24 4.5 5-5.5
39 24.5 5-5.5 6-6.5
40 25.0-25.5 7-7.5 8-8.5 6-6.5 7-7.5 41 26
8 42 26.5 8.5-9
43 27-27.5 8.5-9 9.5
44 28.0 9.5 10
45 28.5-29.0 10-10.5 10.5
4611 11-11.5
47 11.5 12
48 12 12.5
Socks and shoes size chart
Japan, U.S. Size UK Size Euro Size Size Size
4-51/2 21.5-23.0 2-31/2 30-36 S
4.5-8 23.5-26.0 4-71/2 37-411/2 M
11-12 81/2-121/2 26.5-20.0 8-111/2 L

Headword: shoes
Pinyin: xe z
Basic interpretation
[shoe] : the leather, cloth, wood, grass, silk as the material of the wear in the feet, walking forward to things
Detailed explanation
Shoes known. Five Dynasties and condensate, "Cai Sangzi 'words:" Cong compiled fine red head shoes, dress gold dart out. "" Tale of Heroes "XV back:" kept trained on one pair of four-inch golden lotus with the rest of the children, dressed in pale pinkish gray double small shoes, with very uniform color lining. "Shen" Border Town "2:" day where nothing, sitting in front of a small stool to make shoes. "

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