Leather Size 40

Leather Size 40

Add A Little Spice To Your Life With Leather Bras From H2B Lingerie by

When life becomes the "same old, same old", spice things up with leather bras and lingerie from H2B Lingerie.

H2B Lingerie is the official distributor of Allure Leather and Elegant Moments, two of the best leather and vinyl, rubber and PVC lingerie designers and manufacturers in the world. Their collection includes an extensive selection of leather bras and lingerie items for women, which will bring romance and excitement to your life in ways you never thought possible.

H2B Lingerie stocks leather bras in regular and full-figured sizes, in many styles that are sure to tantalize. You can choose from the Classic Allure leather bra, and the Favorite leather and lace bra. For the more adventurous, there are leather bra bandeau styles, and leather bras with hook-and-eye, lace-up and zipper detailing, along with leather bras with collars, buckles and nail heads.

Your adventurousness and your imagination are limitless when it comes to playing sexy-dress-up. H2B Lingerie has the individual pieces and sets that make dressing sexy easy and affordable. There are leather bra and panty sets that give you a playful little secret under the most conservative clothing. For the more daring, try a leather bra with a bit of lace that will playfully peek out of a blouse or low-cut top, giving just a hint of what lies underneath. Bust size doesn’t matter, because H2B Lingerie always has a complete selection of leather bras that range from XS to 3X, so you’re sure to find a style that's perfect for your shape.

For times when it's just you and a special someone, lose your inhibitions with a leather bra with a collar and chain detail, or a leather bra with a collar and nail heads. For more romantic encounters, try a leather bra with brocade or lace accents, or a leather bra baby doll set with lace. Nothing says romance better than the combination of leather and lace, and no online store has more options than H2B Lingerie. Don't forget about leather bottoms to go with your leather bras; you'll find a selection of mix-and-match thongs, garter belts and panties that go from playful to downright dangerous. You'll find the perfect style to go with every style of bra, giving you as many options as you have moods. The perfect ensemble is available for every occasion.

H2B Lingerie has everything you're looking for when it comes to fulfilling a particular fantasy. Leather, lace, brocade, laces, you name it; they have it. You'll also find a complete selection of men's leather and vinyl apparel, along with accessories and costumes. Keep it close to the vest or go over the edge with whatever your heart desires. Fulfill every fantasy and have a naughty little adventure as often as you like.

To view H2B Lingerie's complete collection, visit H2blingerie They ship anywhere in North America, so there's no excuse not to let go of your inhibitions and go wild, whenever the mood strikes.

H2BLINGERIE is a proud Official Distributor of Allure Leather & Elegant Moments, two of the top end quality leather & vinyl/rubber/PVC lingerie designers & manufacturers worldwide. For more information, please visit H2blingerie.

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