Leather Riding Boots

Leather Riding Boots

Yee-Haw With Justin Cowboy Boots! by

What is it about cowboy boots that appeals to us, be it male or female, so much? The ruggedness? The masculinity that also somewhat says empowerment? Whatever it is, it's undeniable that the trend of cowboy boots is back in town again. Historically worn by cowboys as riding boots, they are now worn more as a fashion statement, although some do wear them for riding purposes. The Justin cowboy boots are priced from the range of affordable to expensive, but they are nonetheless the kind 'cool' boots that you want to walk in with regardless the price. You can get a Justin cowboy boots that are ordinarily designed and the ones that are meticulously crafted with westernized designs.

Designs aside, there are different boots made of different materials too. If you are a leather person, then you wouldn't want to miss out on these leather cowboy boots. What's so special about leather boots anyway? For one, the skin is, more often than not, more durable and also often have a good feel to it. Some also like them for the authentic-ness. Justin's Bent Rail Vintage Leather Cowboy Boots are made of vintage goatskin and cowhide with leather lining as well as leather covered cushion insole. The Justin J-flex comfort system maximizes the energy return and flexibility, thus giving better support and comfort to the wearer.

On the other hand, there is also the suede cowboy boots. Suede is a type of leather with napped finish, which is usually made from the underside of the skin. Unlike genuine or full grain leather, suede has a softer texture and so is slightly less durable than the former. However, its softness and thinness make rather comfortable material, although it would have to be carefully taken care of. The Roughout Suede Leather Inlay Cowboy Boots from Jama Old West Boots is a basic suede cowboy boots with a rugged look. These boots have also adapted a new look with standout inlays and collar details. These boots with manmade lining also has cushion insoles for greater comfort. They are also relatively cheap compared to other cowboy boots around.

For those of you working in hazardous environments, you might want to get boots that have protective reinforcements in the toe areas. This would protect the foot from falling objects, punctures or extreme shocks. The steel-toe cowboy boots, otherwise known as safety toe boots can provide such support. Rocky Boots has a line of these boots - the Branson Saddle Roper Round Toe Steel Toe Boots being one example. Made with waterproof full grain leather upper, the boots also have double ribbed tempered steel shank and dual density removable polyurethane footbed with heel stabilizer. It comes with an 8 layered Rocky Ride comfort system that has orthotic foot form and rear foot cradle. All these features ensure that you'd be protected and at the same enjoy the comforts of the boots.

Depending on the type of motorcycle, a motorcyclist would also require a distinct type of boots to wear while riding. Harness boots are designed to protect the rider from the exhaust pipes' heat and from injury to the foot and leg. That is why most harness boots are usually made of heavy weight leather and have built-in steel-toe cap and metal shank in the heel. And what do you get when you put the Harley Davidson name in the boots? A rugged and sturdy looking boots infused with Harley Davidson technology! The Harley Davidson Harness Western Boots comes with an 11-inch slip-on biker boot as well as classic harness detailing. The oil resistant rubber outsole provides god traction and the Goodyear welt construction promises durability. These boots are probably the next best thing to a Harley Davidson bike.


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