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Shopping Tips for Designer Shoes by duoboots-36058

Designer shoes are an integral part of any well-dressed woman’s wardrobe.On a deeper, psychological level, shoes can often reflect the wearer’s personality and can be a real boost to the wearer’s self-confidence and the image that you want to portray to the rest of the world. The high street has plenty of options to choose from, but if you’re looking for something different, shopping online for ladies shoes is a quick, easy and often much cheaper option than spending hours searching through racks of similar designs in a high street store.

Style is nothing without a good fit, so the first thing to think about isn’t the look – it’s comfort. Designer shoes don’t have to hurt your feet (and it’s usually the cheaper copies that cause blisters and rubbed heels). You can still find a classic pair of designer shoes that give you both comfort and style. There are plenty of top designers to choose from, each with their own, unique signature styles and with a plethora of names to pick from one thing can be guaranteed - there’s something out there for every taste.

From boots to mules, slingbacks to stilettos, designer shoes offer the discerning shopper the chance to not only include a stylish pair of designer shoes in their wardrobe – they can also be a good financial investment as well. Designer shoes are by their very nature of a far better quality than the cheap and cheerful high street designs. The quality of material is better, the shoes are individually crafted by hand rather than stamped out on a production line, and attention to detail is far more intense than you would find in a budget pair of ladies shoes. The designer’s reputation hangs on every pair of shoes sold, so obviously they want each pair to enhance that reputation rather than diminish it. As a result, a pair of designer shoes will last much longer, are the epitome of style over fashion and are far more likely to fit your foot properly.
The fit is vital. A good-looking pair of designer shoes is useless if they don’t fit properly. If the shoe doesn’t fit, not only will it be uncomfortable but it’ll look less than perfect as well. If the shoe is too tight it can over time damage the delicate bones of the feet and even cause back problems if it has a high heel. If you’re going to spend good money on investing in a pair of designer shoes, it makes sense to ensure that the fit is perfect. Online stores that carry designer shoes often have a much wider variety of fittings, widths and sizes, so check your size accurately before buying to make sure you get the most out of your designer shoes.

So you’ve sorted out the right size and fit – now it’s a matter of choosing the right style. This all depends on personal choice and preference, but the two obvious choices are flats or heels. Heels elongate the leg and can be extremely slimming. You don’t have to go for sky-high stilettos, though. A classy pair of low kitten heels can give you just enough lift to make a skirt look more elegant, a business suit more sophisticated or a pair of jeans a little more feminine. High heels are the ultimate in glamour, perfect for combining with more formal evening wear or a glamorous party dress. With high heels the emphasis is on looks but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort as well. Even with stilettos, the basic rules about fit and width remain the same.

The season can also dictate the style you choose. For summer wear, a pair of open toed sandals or the classic slingback is a popular choice and all designers include summer styles in their ranges. Again, it’s entirely down to personal choice but the most popular styles usually include a low kitten heel to add extra glamour to a more casual style.

Finally, when choosing designer shoes, make sure that you deal with websites that are registered as official outlets of the designer you’re interested in. This way you can avoid being conned into buying cheap imitations and make sure that your perfect pair of designer shoes is the genuine article.

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