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Leather Loafers

Speaking Gucci: How to Teach Your Closet Italian by

When it comes to the simple laws of nature, we can't think of one that applies to the Gucci shirt better than gravity!' When a man dons his Gucci shirt with the rest of his ensemble, people are immediately pulled to his stylish and sophisticated presence.

Of course there are some helpful hints and trendy tips to move the imminent attraction along. Even though this shirt stands on its own quite confidently, wearing a Gucci shirt is no simple task if your goal is to magnify your own gravitational pull. Let's get it spinning with our tips for wearing a Gucci shirt.

Loud, Proud, Metro!

The European designer does love his colors, and the signature Gucci shirt is no exception! When we joke that real men wear pink, that joke becomes a true reality when we're talking Gucci. Bold confidence is a must-have if you want to look like you really belong in the shirt on your back.

Let's take a look at the 'Striped Dress Shirt' in blue with pink and white contrast striping. Adding to the obvious style, this Gucci shirt has solid white collar and cuffs for the ultimate in fashionable contrast.' Dress this one down with a pair of dark jeans and leather loafers, or wear it to work underneath your favorite two-button sport coat, with or without a dynamic patterned tie.

Believe it or not, sometimes more is more! Minimal and matching isn't always what we're trying to go for and adding a bit of clash and attitude can often achieve the same desired effect. Don't worry about your masculinity ' that part you already have covered.' A little daring drama in your appearance will take you places you never thought you'd go ' whether it's a coral-colored Gucci shirt or a striped one.

Something Soulful for Everyone

The Gucci shirt is ready and waiting for any man willing to leap into timeless tradition, not just fancy shenanigans. Either way, you will be taking a step in a bold and eye-catching direction. Solids and piping are just some of the ways that Gucci achieves dominance over men's formal and business casual wear.

The khaki 'Poplin Slim Fit Dress Shirt' is a brilliant example of timeless yet statement-making fashion. The classic blue piping at collar, cuff and placket is sure to catch a few glances, but we're fairly certain most men would have no idea what to pair this Gucci shirt with. The lightweight cotton poplin makes it perfect for a warm formal evening in the city or on vacation. Linen slacks would complement the look nicely, as would a textured cotton jacket.

Even Gucci's solid print dress shirts for men are stunning. Since the trend here is Italian, we recommend treating yourself to a well made Italian suit or even some hand stitched Italian Leather Dress Shoes to along with your fantastic Gucci shirt.

Either way, we have no doubt that when a man wears a Gucci shirt, the earth tends to spin a little faster and hearts seem to pulse a bit more strongly in his presence. So don't be afraid of getting made, fabulous high end fashion is just as handsome as it is beautiful.


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