Ladies High Shoe

Ladies High Shoe

Ladies Shoes by jamesrose

In the today's world the shoes are something that ladies wear in the developed world as a standard day to day piece of our armoury, the shoe was first designed to protect our feet from the surroundings however they have since evolved into an extension of the self with many people choosing their footwear as a means of projecting their personalities to those around them. Also in warmer climates the more common shoe would be that of the flip flop however in cooler climates such as the United Kingdom you will find harder shoes such as boots and heeled ladies shoes. Ladies shoes have evolved to more than protection of the feet; they are now craved for by many shoppers looking for the exact shoe to match an outfit.

Typically the ladies shoes have heels in a range of sizes; however it is not uncommon for a ladies shoe to be flat and without a heel. But the design of the ladies shoe varies hugely across cultures, whilst the cost can also fluctuate massively. At this time ladies shoes are available in every style from high heels to specialist footwear such as mountain climbing boots and ski boots. The materials used can vary from fully recycled products to wooden shoes such as Cloggs, reigning from Holland.

There are many different variants of footwear labelled as ladies shoes, high heels are shoes with a heel of 2†or higher, these are often considered to have a higher sex appeal than most shoes and as a result are commonly worn during formal occasions or social outings. Kitten heels are ladies shoes with a heel however this hole is less than 2†in height, usually a heel thinner than the shoe itself.

Today's ladies shoes also come in the form of sneakers and trainers, athletic shoes that are used as a communication of fashion whilst often being worn for sports and athletics too. When originally introduced these ladies shoes were designed for comfort during sports and cardiovascular activities however they have almost split into 2 categories, fashion and sports attire.

Another styles of ladies shoes that include wedge sandals, mules, sling backs, espadrilles and pumps. This range of ladies shoes are most commonly worn in warmer climates or during the summer. All these wedge sandals are the same as summer sandals however their ankle piece is higher as if you’re wearing a high heeled shoe. ANother the slingbacks are ladies shoes with a heel that is unsecured, the strap behind the heel can be moved to allow the shoe to come off rather than it be strapped over the top of the foot.

The most recently popular pump is a ladies shoe which came back into fashion in the last 2 years, named for their similarity of ballerina pumps in that they’re very flat and expose much of the foot and also they are fantastic for warm weather wear; however they are comfortable to wear all year around.

And now in these days the ladies shoes come in a huge range of styles and shapes, a great place to purchase comfortable well made ladies shoes are Clarks UK. Mainly they have stores across the UK, often offering super comfortable ladies shoes at competitive prices. Now a days you can also view and purchase all these shoes range online.

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