Italian Size 36

Italian Size 36

Italian Charm Bracelet...The Birthday Gift She'll Find Perfect by Laura Weaver

My mother will be celebrating her 80th birthday in about a month. Although she insists she doesn't want or need anything, I would like to give her a memorable gift for this special occasion. As time goes by, I find it increasingly difficult to buy suitable presents for her. She really does seem to already have everything she needs. After thinking about my options, I have finally decided to create an Italian charm bracelet for my mother to uniquely mark this milestone birthday.

An Italian charm bracelet would be a great gift for my mother. It is a unique piece of jewelry that makes a simple fashion statement when worn with either casual or dressy ensembles. The bracelet, itself, comes in either a matte or polished silver finish, matching her other jewelry choices. It can easily be adjusted to fit my mother's small wrist simply by removing links until the desired size is achieved. My mother's arthritic fingers have a hard time fastening a clasp, but the Italian charm bracelet simply stretches over her hand, eliminating this frustrating task.

Creating an Italian charm bracelet is a fun experience because of the vast assortment of Italian charms available from which to choose. They relate to many interests and hobbies. Each choice and combination of Italian charms makes every Italian charm bracelet practically one of a kind. Italian charms may include sports, nature, animals, sayings, symbols, and birthstones. There are also Italian charms that are considered collectibles. Collectible Italian charms include Care Bears, Hello Kitty, Disney, NASCAR, and Elvis, to name just a few of the many available.

The bracelet, itself, comes in either a polished or matte finish, so it can compliment her other jewelry. Links in the bracelet can be removed to fit her tiny wrist. It goes with all types of clothing...dressy or casual. My mother mostly dresses casually now, but Italian charm bracelets are fancy enough to be worn for those occasions when she chooses to dress up.

The Italian charm bracelet I would like to create for my mother's 80th birthday is dedicated to celebrating different decades in her lifetime. I want it to be ageless and have special meaning specifically for her. I want it to represent her personality, her sense of humor, her independence, and her unconditional love. How wonderful that a single piece of jewelry can accommodate that.

I am beginning this Italian charm bracelet with a birthstone Italian charm surrounded by the beautiful butterfly and cardinal charms on each side. This incorporates her love of nature and beauty. She moved to Florida upon her retirement, so of course, the palm tree, alligator, and flamingo charms are logical choices. Her bracelet would not be complete without the dog charm representing her faithful and loyal companion. On each end, I am including the Italian charms of "I (heart) My Family" and the red heart with mom banner charm.

My mother is going to love receiving this special gift for her 80th birthday. It will be a constant reminder of her wonderful life which she will truly appreciate and enjoy. Even though she will insist she doesn't need it, I know without a doubt, she will want this Italian charm bracelet.

Laura Weaver is a freelance writer.
One can create a bracelet of Italian charms to reflect the life of any woman. It is one of the Weaver's favorite, personalized gifts.

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