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Business Fashion for Women by ShirtStudio

If you want to explore few things about the latest business fashion and wear the perfect business attire to express yourself without violating the office dress codes, keep reading. You will soon know the 'what' and 'how' of business fashion.

Black always makes the perfect business dressing code. You can opt for black pants, skirts and jackets. This will make your business wardrobe simple to choose from. You do not need to panic about 'what to wear' and 'what not'. Simply pull the hanger out and put the dress on.

You will soon get bored of these outfits if you could not add a touch of fashionable elegance to them. However, you still need to take care of dress codes, too. You can add a spark of colour and also please yourself the way you wish to by introducing small changes in your business dress. This is called business fashion.

1 While wearing black pants, skirt or overcoat, you can add some metallic panache. You can make a loop of chunky gold or silver chain and wear it round your neck. Another business fashion is wearing a large bangle on your wrist.

2 You can create a great look by wearing an animal print scarf around your neck. You can also go for an animal-print belt to wear around your waist.

3 Another business fashion accessory can be a handbag. You can co-ordinate your outfit with a yellow, red or any other colour handbag or belt.

4 If weather allows, you can even think of adding a bit texture to your business fashion by using a good- looking woollen sweater. You can opt for a great tweed jacket to accompany your basic black attire. A black sweater and pants also make a perfect business fashion combination.

5- If you are planning to wear your coloured shirt or sweater with a black jacket, you can think of wearing a pink or red shade under your jacket. This will complement your complexion.

6 The next thing you can do without violating office dress codes, is wear a choker of pearls to a low neckline. You can even wear coloured beads. Another combination can be chunky jewellery in suitable designs and colours to enhance the beauty of your outfit.

7 There will be some other colours which you do not often wear. The best way is to experiment with these in small doses first. For example, try a splash of taxi yellow or lime green to see what effect it gives to your attire.

These were some ideas to make your business fashion something that is more "you". Knowing what can fit in with your business attire, and what you can add to it can help you make it a business fashion statement.

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