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Maria Grazia Cucinotta, an Italian Enigma by bibin

Messina is the third major city in Sicily, Italy. From very old period it is recognized for his structural design brilliance. Founded by Greek migrant, Messina forms epitomes as a mixture of Italian and Greek culture. In the contemporary times, the best acknowledged export of this metropolis has to be the Italian artiste, Maria Grazia Cucinotta. She is blessed with traditional Mediterranean attractiveness which is emphasized by her hazy skin texture. Naturally brown and blesses with magnificent assets and skills she was intended to become huge.

Maria Grazia took a liking to modeling at a very young age and spends a lot of her time in the fashion capital, Milan. Italian history was blessed with many gorgeous ladies from Siciliy and this sicilian deity took the modeling scene by storm. It was said that the dullest of colours also will look good on Maria. The next stop indeed has to be the small screen. If her entry into modeling was like a storm then this was tornado. Very soon Television picture became too small to have Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Her success in Television made it sure that she will enter the Movies with a huge repute.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta entry into the movies was like meeting fate. Coming from a Television environment her initial roles were remakes of successful television dramas. But it was the movie Il Postino, which catapult her acting skills and renown to a wide audience outside Italy. The supporting actress role in that movie earned her more praise than all her other films combined. Maria made her first Hollywood film with Vincent Spano in A Brooklyn State of Mind. Then she appeared in the generally acclaimed Television sequential The Sopranos. She also had the fortune to be in a James Bond film - The World is Not Enough. Maria prefers to keep her personal life private from the glare of media.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta in many ways can be considered alike Salma Hayek. She has been an actress, producer, director and a writer; successful in all the roles. But her perpetual beauty makes her the favourite of the media. There are celebrities who look good in photo shoots; then there is the other kind which looks good without make-up but looks horrible with it. Maria Grazia's success is not of the two kinds; she looks good with or without make up. The Araldo di Crollalanza photo shoot is one of her best and mesmerizes everyone with her beauty.

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