Italian Fashion Leather

Italian Fashion Leather

Leather handbags for the right occasion by emfex

If you are going to a party, you’d leave the conservative Mrs Thatcher inspired leather handbags at home. Sparkly, colourful and fluffy should be the kind of handbags that you dance around. Going to a job interview? Then those conservative leather handbags will fit right in †these leather handbags say that you are stable, confident, stylish and safe. The fact that woman have plenty of handbags, like shoes, is because your handbag says a lot about you. And you’ll want to choose the right one for the right occasion.

The perfect leather handbag
Searching for the perfect leather handbags is an on-going quest †handbags have to combine functionality and practicality with style and aesthetics. But it shouldn’t be a trade off †you can get beauty and practicality all at once with classic italian leather handbags for example. This style of handbag not only gives the image required, but should also stand the test of time.

Good quality leather handbags
When it comes to buying good handbags to suit any occasion, you should consider:
The material †high quality leather handbags are enduring, classy and stylish, fabrics can get dirty quickly, fade or tear. The colour †its okay having neon pink for the nightclub, but natural colours found in well made leather handbags are more suitable for the office or everyday use. The style †a clutch bag is perfect for a party, but not practical if you’re on the move - a shoulder strap lets you carry more.

Italian leather handbags †a wardrobe staple
Of course there’s no such thing as a wrong style or colour when it comes to handbags †women use different handbags for different functions. But all women should have the staple Italian-style leather handbags in their collection †it’s as essential as the little black dress.

What your bag says about you
Before you buy your leather handbags, party clutch bags or practical briefcases, ask yourself what your bag says about you first.

Classic leather handbags suggest strong, smart, no nonsense, professional women. Casual but classy leather handbags suggest a personable and friendly character Bold, sparkly and colourful handbags suggest a fun and flirtatious girl Large leather handbags with plenty of zips and pockets suggest a woman who is prepared for any eventuality. Quirky handbags with unique designs and prints suggest a woman who prides herself on her creativity.

In this day and age of health and safety procedures, here are a few guidelines when it comes to carrying leather handbags.

Handbags †The Dangers
Health and safety guidelines for leather handbags!? Sounds extreme? Perhaps, but just think of all the dangers that might arise carrying leather handbags.

Office Politics
Just about every female in the world has a bag of some kind †leather handbags, fabric holdalls, strappy satchels †and if they work in an office, chances are it will be lying directly in your path. Crossing the office to make a cup of tea can be a potential tripping minefield. Dodging leather handbags, leaping over rucksacks and getting your ankles tangled in a misplaced strap can be a serious health and safety issue.

Dancing around the handbag
It’s a clich that girls from a particular English county like to dance around their handbags. The danger here isn’t the odd mistimed dance move that could lead to a nasty pile up if someone trips on a bag strap. No, the real danger is that if you have beautiful leather handbags or designer brands, somebody could spill their Bacardi and coke over it.

It’s tempting to scoop up every household item before you leave the house and squeeze it into your handbag. You never know, you might need that spare pair of tights or cosy cardigan if the wind picks up. But the downfall of being able to carry everything you desire around with you is you could overload. Investing in good quality leather handbags mean this sturdy material will endure the ravages of overuse.

Forget the gym †carry leather handbags
The other danger of overloading leather handbags is the increased weight. Many women can end up with serious head and neck aches and injuries if they routinely sling leather handbags that weight more than a case of beer across their shoulders. Physiotherapists are keen to encourage women to at least alternate shoulders when they carry their leather handbags around to avoid any aches and pains.

Handbags and theft
Of course one of the problems of carrying beautiful, stylish leather handbags around is they can catch the eye of not just envious women, but thieves. Although it might be tempting to swing your overloaded handbag at your assailer, it’s important that if you are a victim of crime you should never fight back or chase after the mugger †remember, no matter how valuable the contents of leather handbags are or how much you love the bag itself †nothing is as important as your life.

It seems when it comes to leather handbags and accessories, we are more likely to shop till we drop.

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