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Italian 478 Sz

East New York Real Estate by Danny Baumann

Looking into East New York real estate? Learn some history about the town, first! Brooklyn is an example of the 5 boroughs of NY City, also referred to as East New York. Found on western Manhattan and an independent distinct town till its consolidation into Manhattan in 1898, Brooklyn is NY City's most populous borough, with 2.5 million residents. If the borough were still an independent town, it'd be the fourth-largest town in the US. Brooklyn has the same limits as Kings County, which is the most populous county in NY State, and the second most densely populated county in the US ( after Long Island County, which is the borough of Manhattan ).
Though part of Long Island Town, Brooklyn maintains a definite culture, independent art scene, and unique architectural heritage. Several Brooklyn areas are ethnic enclaves where a specific ethnic group and culture predominate. Living in Brooklyn NY, you will find a huge African-American community. Bedford Stuyvesant is home to one of the most noted African-American communities in the town. It's a heart for African-American culture, regularly referenced in hip hop and African-American arts.
Brooklyn's African-American and Caribbean communities are spread through much of Brooklyn. Brooklyn is also home to plenty of Russians, who are principally concentrated in community of Brighton Beach ( and surrounding communities ). Thanks to the giant Russian community, it's been nicknamed "Little Odessa.".
Bushwick is biggest of hub of Brooklyn's Hispanic-American community. With around eighty percent of Bushwick's population being Hispanic, it's a Hispanic cultural staple in NY Town . Several companies in the area reflect Bushwick's robust Hispanic presence.
Italian-Americans are principally concentrated in the districts of Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst, where there are some Italian restaurants and pizzerias.
Chinese-Americans are scattered thru Brooklyn, but largely concentrated in Nightfall Park, which is famous for Chinese culture. Many Chinese eateries can be found thru Nightfall Park and a Chinese New Year party happens annually. Southern Brooklyn was once the premier resort destination for NY City. Coney Island developed as a playground for the wealthy in the early 1900s, when loaded residents of the Big Apple would bet on horses at the Gravesend or Sheepshead Bay Race Track and dined at high-class cafes and beach hostels. No trip to Sheepshead Bay would be complete without a stop at the docks and then dinner at Lundy's Eaterie . The advent of the tube made Coney Island a holiday destination for the masses, and it developed into one of America's first entertainment grounds.
The Storm rollercoaster, built in 1927, is on the nation's Register of Important Places. The 1920 Wonder Wheel and other rides are still operational at Astroland. Coney Island went into decline in the 1970s, but is undergoing a renaissance. The once a year Coney Island Mermaid Parade is a hipster costume-and-float parade which honored David Byrne, pre-punk music guru, as the head merman in 1998. Green-Wood Graveyard, set up by the social reformer Henry Evelyn Pierrepoint in 1838, is both one of the most serious cemeteries in the U. S. And a broad green space incorporating 478 acres ( 1.9 km2 ) of sweeping hills and dales, many pools, and a baroque chapel. Still in use, the graveyard is the funeral ground of some of the most renowned N. Y. Residents, including Albert Anastasia, mobster, "Lord High Executioner" for "Murder Inc." ; Jean-Michel Basquiat, artist ; Louis Moreau Gottschalk, New Orleans-born pianist and composer ; Laura Jean Libbey, top selling "dime-store" writer ; Samuel F.B. Morse ( 1791-1872 ), inventor of the telegram ; Martha Bulloch Roosevelt, mum of US President Theodore Roosevelt ; Margaret Sanger, contraception disciple ; F.A.O. Schwarz, toy store founder ; William M "Boss" Tweed, scandalous manager of the Manhattan political machine and actor Frank Morgan well known for his portrayal of the title personality in the movies.

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