Italian 36

Italian 36

Love Italian Pasta by John Creech

If you are a great critic of different international cuisine, you might probably notice that Italian cuisine is exceptionally varied. Italy's cuisine mirrors its diverse history and cultural multiplicity. Also, Italian cuisine is endeared to be a best example of a Mediterranean diet, and is also served in various restaurants and bistros around the globe. For instance, Sicily is popular for its sweet ice cream spumoni, while Naple specializes on pizza and pasta. Thus, it is enough to say that like any other popular international cuisine, an Italian dish indeed has many variations depending on its regions.

Though their specialty cuisine is varied, Italians take enormous pride in their excellent and exquisite traditional cuisine. In my case, for instance, even if I don't really acquaint myself with the art of cooking, I serve and recommend Italian dishes to friends. I can vividly recall when my mom cooked spaghetti during my thirteenth birthday, and all of my classmates were invited to join my party. Realizing how great my mom as a cook and how delicious that spaghetti, my classmates asked me if they can take some foods home. I was just laughing that time because I didn't know that most of my classmates love eating Italian foods like spaghetti.

The truth was, while my mom was preparing for that birthday, I was expecting that my classmates would not be able to appreciate our food. I was very thankful that they were all satisfied and overwhelmed after the party. This was all thanks to the spaghetti recipe, which my mom used and learned from her Italian friend who taught her years ago to cook. According to my mom's friend, the secret is in the sauce named Alfredo.

We all know Alfredo as a pure white sauce, but behind this sheer culinary masterpiece is a doting husband who also owned a local restaurant in Rome back in 1914. After pregnancy, Alfredo di Lelio's wife couldn't even eat or take a few bites; she seemed to lose her appetite after her giving birth. Perhaps, too worried of his lovely wife, Alfredo then created a new recipe. Of course, what better way to cure her wife's misery than to cook something out of his precious kitchen? He used egg fettuccine, topped it with parmegian cheese, and then combined it with butter. He called the outcome Fetuccine all'Alfredo, which soon delighted even Hollywood celebrities who later became regular guests in his restaurant.

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