Heels Made Italy

Heels Made Italy

The most precious high heels in the world by Dank

The official partner of Cannes film festivalâ€"Chopard will cooperate with Giuseppe Zanotti, the famous shoes designer in Italy, to create a pair of glorious beauty shoes. It was said that a mysterious actress will wear the glorious shoes and step on the famous steps in front of the movie palace on May 18. On the following day, the pair of beautiful shoes will be auctioned on the annually Cinema Against AIDS, which is held by the American Foundation for Aids Research.

The Golden Palm award for the best picture of competition unit, which is the supreme honor of Cannes film festival. The trophy that will be awarded on the closing ceremony on May 22. It is the fourteenth time that Chopard is responsible for producing the trophy. The elaborate design trophy that was made In 1998 by Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, who are the Chopard joint President. The trophy becomes the the dream of treasure on the film festival since then. The thing that makes Chopard proud is that the "mini Golden Palm" trophy that awarded to the best actress and actor, as well as the "the most potential actor award" trophy that awarded to the most potential actor and actress both designed by Chopard. The trophys are elaborately made in Chopard's factory in Geneva.

In the 15 years, Giuseppe Zanotti is one of the most famous women shoes stylists who are always highly sought by famous celebrity. She is famous for the high heel shoes she designed that decorated with precious gem. The outstanding professional level of the company accumulate and ascend in these years. As Chopard and his creative departments do, in order to create more dream styles, Zanotti establish a perfect style laboratory in her workroom. She attracts the experts in the field to his sides, which include professional shoe-making division, hits the version, stylist division and numerous jewelry application experts.

Giuseppe Zanotti says, "I always love jewelry, and like to collect antique jewelry. I am very enthusiastic to charity. So the conception of cooperate with Chopard immediately attracted my attention. In recent years, I always support American Foundation for Aids Research to hold a various kinds of activities. This activity again inspired me new creative inspiration. It gives me a stage to realize my dream, that is to creat the most precious shoes in the history." The similarity between the geneva jewelry master and shoes design master in Italy prompted them to cooperate. Their hand in hand works will be opened its mystery on the red carpet that in front of the film festival palace on May 18.

There is no doubt that the shoes must be the focus of flash, just like Cinderella's crystal shoes. The pair of precious shoes that are made by Chopard and Giuseppe Zanotti together will become a immortal legend. Chopard and Giuseppe Zanott create a set of common novel unique jewelry works. While the most famous is the pair of high heels that decorated with jewelry and the senior jewelry earrings matching with the shoes. On May 19, the pair of the world's most precious shoes are worn in the feet of Anja Rubik, one supermodel in the world. The shoes show extraordinary talents on the red carpet of the American Foundation for Aids Research. The pair of shoes are taken at the high price of 140000 euros in the following charitable auction.

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