Fashionable Boots

Fashionable Boots

Cowboy Boots: Pick for Functional Fashion by Detro Canaro

From time to time as I was growing up it was ok to wear cowboy boots once every 10-15 years as the fashion industry decided they needed something else to sell that year. Now that trend has all but disappeared and it is ok to wear them anywhere boot appropriate. Lets take a detailed look at finding that right pair of functional fashionable boots.

The initial thing to remember is that you want the boot to fit right after you have had it a while. The trick to getting a boot that is going to fit you comfortably 3 months after you buy it is to remember that it will expand a little and so you want to purchase the cowboy boots to be a little bit smaller than you would normally wear so that when they do stretch you will have a perfectly fitting boot that moves with you.

The next thing to consider is what kind of hide do you want to have your boots made of. This can be a strong determinate in the cost of the boots as well as how well they wear and feel. Some skins can actually be rare while some may seem so but in reality they are not that hard to come by. Consider carefully and let your boot advisor help you.

Number three in our list is the process of breaking in your boots. This has to be done slowly as shortcuts to try to do so quickly can damage the boots and actually break the skin or the sole. Just take your time and know that they are going to be uncomfortable for a while and when you are done you will have boots that will comfortably service you for a long time as well as look good.

Next is the appearance of the boots that you are purchasing. There are several things that can influence the end result. The skin that we talked about earlier is only the beginning. Additionally there is color, the stitching, the shape of the stitching and even if there is a picture made into the boot with stitching. These pictures can be many different things but are usually some theme of the cowboy life and environment. You can even go so far as to have your own design custom sewn into your boots but be ready to pay dearly for that as it really is a piece of art when the craftsman goes to work.

Next on our list is the monetary issue. What is most important to you? Are there several things that you value? You may want a boot that looks brand new and looks great but may not be so concerned with the length of service. In which case, you could go for a man-made material. Or you may want your boots to last a life time and you choose durable material and quality construction that you can expect to pay as a masterpiece.

This brings us to the end of the top things to remember when buying a great pair of cowboy boots. I would encourage you to think about your purchase and consider the points we listed so you can enjoy your boots for a long time and not wear them once and then let them set in your closet for a few years until you finally decide they would better serve someone who needs a pair of shoes. Here to hoping you find the prefect pair that you want to wear all the time.

Copyright Detro Canaro (2008) Detro Canaro is a father, a writer, a proud Bassett Hound lover and a co-owner of several website that support he and his family. One of those websites all about Cheap Cowboy Boots

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