Designer Boots

Designer Boots

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It doesn't matter if you're working in a fashion magazine or simply trudging around town with them, boots are definitely style catchers. Not only limited to models and celebrities, everyone can afford these shoes. Wearing boots multiplies one's sex appeal by at least tenfold. Pair them with a dress, miniskirt, skinny jeans ' boots are simply versatile and would match with almost anything you have in your closet. They are also practical ' horse riders and bikers swear by boots for comfort and the ultimate experience. Today, women's boots come in all shapes and sizes, and you'd be sure to find a pair that suits your taste and personality best.

Boots are made for various purposes, and one thing boots are often associated with are horse riding. These boots, known as lady cowboy boots, are often suitable for equestrian enthusiasts. From brands such as Ariat to Durango, these boots are specifically made for a comfortable fit while riding a horse. The story of these boots began as early as the 18th century when the Red Indians and Mexicans were hired for handling cattle in ranches. Movies of the Wild West made these boots even more prominent ' it became popular for women to be spotted wearing lady cowboy boots as a stylish companion for their outfits. Pair this look with a tank top and braided belt, especially with details such as fringes and you're set to go!

As boots have various purposes, one of their main purposes is to protect the feet from the rain. This is an age old practice ' even schoolchildren were often spotted in rain boots during rainy seasons. The Paddington Bear made the rain boot even more popular, but it was definitely celebrities such as Tina Fey who made rain boots an idea that is more accessible to women. They have become fashion statements and with details such as stitching and zips and buckles, one can be sure their sense of style would be fulfilled. Pick a pair that is insulated to keep your feet warm during cold weather. These boots are often made of material such as rubber to ensure that they remain waterproof and enable you to skip through puddles effortlessly. These days, rain boots come in stylish packages ' they have varying heights of heels for personal preference.

Everyone loves designer items. From bags to shoes, designer items are luxurious items we splurge on every once in a while. This is probably why women value designer items even more. But why wouldn't women love designer boots? They are, after all, often unique as they are not mass produced, and have the unique touch by famous designers worldwide. There are many great brands to spend your money on ' from Jessica Simpson to Harley Davidson, you can be assured that your choice is endless. Of course, designer boots would go well with that Gucci dress and Coach bag, but wearing designer boots with a thrift store dress could work just as well ' it lends a touch of sophistication to the old school look.

Nothing beats the look of leather boots. Sleek, sexy and comfortable, leather boots are the perfect combination for all outfits. For a night out with the girls, consider slipping into a pair of black boots for ultimate hotness. If you're going out on a date, wear a pair of sleek boots made of leather with a ruffled girly babydoll dress for a great balance between sexiness and innocence. Even college girls could sport this look ' go uptown chic by wearing a pair of these boots with skinny jeans, a crisp white shirt and a classic black vest. Another great combination for these boots is miniskirts. In this case, A-line miniskirts work better than pleated ones.

Boots are ultimately one of the greatest 'must have's' of a woman's closet. No woman would complain of having too many pairs of boots. From tight-fitting knee length boots to woolen ankle boots, every woman is bound to find a pair of boots that would be adored for a very long time.

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