Classic Pumps

Classic Pumps

The Cream Of The Crop In Classic Pumps by jyec

A good heel can add a little swing to your step. Classic pumps add that swing with a little more oomph (and a comfortable one, at that.) Read on to see who comes out on top with style, quality, and grace in the classic pumps category. We're breaking down the best of the best so you can find the best classic pump for your needs.

The Most Classic: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc PumpsIt does not get any better for a traditional, classic pump than these puppies. Round-toed, thick heels (five inches in length)'these black classic pumps are a fabulous, simple, reliable choice. While Marc runs a little more costly (think around two hundred, or so) these classic pumps are guaranteed to last you. Plus, if you're looking for a colorful take on this classic shoe, Marc offers the same pair in a racy red. So, whether you're out for drinks, or in the office, you will never feel out of step in this timeless example of a classic pump.

The Most Comfortable: Comfortology, Women's Insolia Series II Classic PumpLet's face it: we all need that workhorse of a shoe that will last you from breakfast with the kids until way past their bedtime. Naturally, our pick for most comfortable lands with Comfortology'doesn't the name just say it all? Available in black, brown, bright navy, tan, and red, these two inch classic pumps are so comfortable, you won't even believe you're in heels. The built-in insole ('Insolia') shifts twenty-five percent of your weight from the front/toe area back to your heel, allowing you to stand for hours. For those of you in need of arch support, not to worry! These classic pumps also have a built-in, padded Achilles Notch for added comfort and support. The shoes even have moisture-sensitive lining in the toe and upper foot area to ensure you feet stay comfortable and dry for hours. Hands down, Comfortology wins for the most comfortable classic pump.

The Most Fun: MICHAEL, Michael Kors, Austin PumpAny classic pump whose color options are magenta and toffee gets my vote for the most fun! These four-inch heels, and one-inch platform make 'Austin' a fun and comfortable choice. With a slightly more pointed toe, and chunky wooden heel, you can really strut your stuff in this fun take on a classic pump. The Most Memorable: Tory Burch, Stevie Canvas/Leather PumpsOoh la la! If you are looking to make in impact and turn a few heads, Tory Burch's 'Stevie' Classic Pumps are the absolute best way to go. These neutral and orange platform four and a quarter inch classic pumps are definitely the way to go if you want to make a fashion splash. The neutral canvas shoe, with a thick, over-the-toe orange stripe and Tory Burch emblem certainly add some flair and kick to a classic pump.

Whatever your type of classic pump is'from comfortable and functional to traditional or progressive, you are certain to find your favorite take on this hallmark shoe. is the web's premier fashion shopping experience where you can find women's classic pumps.

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