Boots Size 40

Boots Size 40

Cowboy Boots and the Modern Shopper by Detro Canaro

There was a time when wearing cowboy boots would come in and out of fashion every few years and were otherwise relegated to the movies and CMT. It now has become more acceptable for them to be worn as a fashion accessory. Here we will list guidelines that can be used to find a decent pair of cowboy boots that will outlast the fickle fashion season.

First we need to consider how to make sure we get the right size boot. The magic bullet for making sure your boots are going to fit for later is to know that that they will stretch as they wear. The main thing is to buy them just a little more fitted than you might want them later. The other thing to remember is that you want the widest part of your foot to set right in the widest part of the boot. If it is too far forward you have the wrong boot.

The second thing to be aware of is what your new boots are made of. There are many skins to use for making boots as well as man made material. Sometimes they can be common like cowhide and other times a more rare animal skin. Obviously the more rare the material the more costly they can be but often those are sought after for the exclusivity as well as the feel and look of a particular skin.

The next step in this journey to boot happiness is to know what to do in order to break the boot in properly. There is an old fashion way to do this and it is free but it takes time. Here it is... are you ready? Wear them. Yes, that is the best way to make sure that your boots are broken in properly and give you years of comfortable enjoyment.

The look of your boot is the next thing to consider when you purchase a new pair of boots. They come in many colors and as mentioned earlier they can come in many materials too. The stitching on the boot can make them very distinctive and also most boots have some sort of pattern sewn right into the boot itself. The patterns are almost always some sort of western or Indian pattern with animals, birds or cowboys. It is all a matter of taste and you get to decide what you like best.

Now we need to discuss the cost. Cowboy boots can vary from under $100 to several thousand dollars for a custom pair. You can even go lower if you are willing to acquire a pre-broken in pair. Online auctions and second hand stores as well as yard sales can sometimes yield a great bargain for the cost conscious. On the other end of the spectrum you will find rare leather and hand sewn patterns that run in the thousands if you are willing to pay.

That wraps up our list of things you need to consider for a well thought out purchase of a pair of cowboy boots. If you will use this criteria you should find that you have a pair that will serve your purposes and fit your budget. Happy trails and happy boots my friend.

Copyright Detro Canaro (2008) Detro Canaro is a father, a writer, a proud Bassett Hound lover and a co-owner of several website that support he and his family. One of those websites all about Cheap Cowboy Boots

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