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Crocs Shoes: Odd yet Cute and Comfortable Choice for your Feet by Article Submitter

In July 2002 when three friends namely George Boedecker, Scott Seamans and Duke Hanson decided to confront the world with their innovative idea of comfortable shoe lines, targeting the water loving men, hardly did they imagined that this idea of theirs will take a completely different tide! Crocs Shoes were created and marketed keeping in mind the requirements of boaters and outsiders. But with time it became a craze among common men in and around the US and the reason was utterly simple! Crosliteâ" a proprietary Closed Cell Resin (PCCR), which is neither plastic nor rubber, made the shoes water proof, non slip able, odor free and anti bacterial and completely non toxic. Crocs shoes have innumerable other features that contribute highly towards ever growing list of loyal customers!

Why should you attach yourself to the long list of customers?

Crocs Shoes know just how to woo its customers to total body comfort and excellence of performance. Crocs Shoes initially was designed for boaters, so had small holes along its sides to drain out the entering water. Along with it these holes also helped in air ventilation and the feet remained dried. The shoe matter was so soft and flexible that it used to take the shape of the feet. And the colours were extraordinarily bright and attractive, forcing people to turn their gaze towards your shoes in total amazement and admiration. Soon it was fun to have a pair of crocs shoes for many and they started making common rounds in streets, hospitals, gardens and excursions! These beach shoes took their firm places in office too! It became a fashion statement for many along with total comfort of wearing these shoes. So more and more people started getting attracted towards it, though initially of its out-of-the-place look, but later on due to the comfort- it provides to the feet in particular and body as a whole.

Where can you buy one?

Crocs Shoe faced so many demands from its fans worldwide that it was forced to start supplying the shoes online as well! Yes, there are many online shoe stores who cater your online Crocs Shoes requests. All you have to do is visit the online shoe agent’s website and watch the colours and designs of your choice and place an order. Within days you will be seen happily hooping around the street with your Crocs Shoes! The internet is flooded with the websites of shoe suppliers. Simply browse through the net to book online.

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