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Engineered for heat resistance and durability, Timberland Pro Series Work Boots include the use of a special rubber based compound that improves resistance to oil, while maximizing slip and abrasion-resistance on all surfaces. Nowadays this isn't just exclusive to mens sizes, while many work boots are available only in men's sizes; a few manufacturers, such as Ariat, Timberland and Rocky, make work boots in women's sizes. Price will vary depending on category of shoe, the brand and where you buy them, but generally, you should expect to spend at least $90 for a good rugged pair of work boots, to as much as $200.

Boot Styles

Carhartt Boots offer well conceived designs to endure rugged work conditions, as well as a host of outdoor activities. Designed to fit into specific work environments so as to perform above expectations, Carolina Shoes and Carolina Boots offer options for special needs or functions. The boots feature proven technology in the Sport & Trail collection such as Gore-tex booties, Thinsulate insulation for cold weather comfort and top quality, durable outsoles tailored for any array of work, utility, or outdoor tasks. These boots are very comfortable both in and out of the water and are exactly what I was looking for. Construction Work boots are constructed in several ways. For a less expensive option, cement construction boots, in which the upper is glued to the outsole, is used although it is worth noting this style of boot won't last as long as a stitched upper. Used by river professionals, adventure racers, rescue agencies, and military units, these are the hardest-working boots on the water. Built to last, these boots are for the customer who demands ultimate performance and comfort in their work boot. Good boots equal Good attitude Bad boots equal Bad attitude.

Types of Toe

A composite toe is one of the most popular alternatives to the traditional steel toe. A variety of materials are used to achieve the same level of protection required by OSHA, and the thickness of the material can make a boot toe slightly larger, but you won't be wearing them at a dance or fashion show, so that shouldn't be as important as the overall benefit. These steel toe boots let you do just that, with protective features to keep you safe and padded, flexible construction to keep you comfy. Compression testing determines the amount of static pressure a steel or composite toecap can withstand. Whether you need a work boot with steel toe protection, boots with shock protection or men's boots designed for slip resistance, the five lines of men's work boots offered from renowned work boot manufacturer Caterpillar are bound to stand up to the test of time.

Waterproofing is Essential

You'll find major brands with features such as slip resistant soles, waterproofing, removable insoles, composite toe, steel toe or even titanium toe protection and other great facets. Paired with rugged, high quality leathers and waterproofing techniques that often exceeds industry standards, Chippewa offers excellent long term value. In addition to inventing the waterproof seal that is now standard in the industry, Timberland work boots take advantage of modern technologies to keep workers safe while on the job. My favourite style of boot comprises of waterproof suede with a reinforced toe, padded ankle and seven hole lace-up and while they may not be the cheapest on the market they are definitely the most comfortable and should last me at least a couple of years.

Paul Disley is a footwear expert majoring in steel toe boots and safety.

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