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Do You Want A Pair Of Women Shoes Boots? by rss41

Women shoes boots come in different styles and designs depending on your standards and outfit. Generally of course, these boots are made of leather. The better the leather the higher is the quality of the boots.

There are also boots that perfectly blend with any outfit. Career-oriented women who may sometimes have after-work activities may find it beneficial and convenient to wear a pair of boots for all seasons. There is no need for these women to change footwear even if they change outfit.

Though it may be an extra baggage to bring additional clothes for after-work party, it will be bulkier if you bring another pair of shoes. Besides, boots are timeless. They have been in the industry since time immemorial.

Then of course, there are also different manufacturers to choose from. Some women shoes boots are really popular because they are designers. They may be a little expensive, too.

Christian Louboutin Goya, for example, has a pair of ankle boots in suede. The pair has tuxedo ruffle up, and the Black Suede is richly black. The platform measures up to 15 millimeters. With Goya ankle shoes like this, you can go anywhere even at parties after work.

Knee high boots are perfect for winter, even before and after. One brand that stands out is from Sergio Rossi. It is a patent knee boots reaching 100 centimeters for its cone heels. Its leather is crinkled, too.

If you want above the knee, try Sergio Rossi’s Suede over-the-knee women shoes boots. Its heel measures 20mm. On its top, there is a key-hole opening and silver buckle fastening. The presence of its almond toe also ensures that your feet are comfortable.

Another brand that is equally famous is BNIB Gucci. Its boots material is crocodile alligator. Many say it is a true classic and one of the few collector’s items exclusively designed by Gucci. And because it is a collector’s item, its supplies are limited. The color of its crocodile leather is dark chocolate brown.

Brian Artwood Dickenson leather women shoes boots are a back-to-basics type. The pair comes in a 120mm-heel and platform measuring to about 20mm. They are also knee-high and having a pointed toe, you are sure to catch more attention.

Giuseppe Zanottie bootie is 100% authentic crystal runway heels. These are worn mostly by celebrities. Of course, there are also the Dolce and Gabbana, another designer’s women shoe maker. The leather comes from Italy, where the boots are also made. The soles are suede and the heels measure 6 inches.

Another knee-high boots are from Marni. They are called platform boots at 30mm, while the heels measure around 120mm. These Marni platform leather boots come with toe and gripped rubber soles.

A different style and color women shoes boots can be found from Missoni with its gray suede calf boots. These pairs are awesomely fashionable with their rope ties and cone heel measuring up to 100mm, while the platform measures around 5mm.

There are many other brands of women shoes boots. Some of them are designers and yet the price can be discounted. Try shopping during seasons as the shops grant discounts. Try the online shops as well for wider choices.

If you like quality Boots women shoes , you don’t have to always pay much to have them. There are online shops that offer discounted rates for topnotch pairs of lady boots. provides you with suggestions and tips where you can find discounted women’s boots. We can point to you where you can get discounted pairs of Christian Louboutin Goya, Sergio Rossi and even Dolce and Gabbana. Find out what pair of boots is in store for you at

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