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Shopping for Designer Laptop Bags by Gabrila Rupp

In this information age, laptop bags are practically a necessity. Where once used only for work or by people who run their own companies or freelance, laptops now are more mainstream than ever. Students and teachers use them for college and grading papers, employers distribute them to their employees in order for them to keep up with their work in the office, and even teenagers use them for blogging, emailing, storing pictures and music and keeping up with their friends. So of course, a lap top bag is a fabulous gift to give. But a designer laptop bag is even better.

Practical & Stylish

Laptop bags used to be hideous things that were black or gray, and had one shape: square. They were immediately identifiable, making them a target for thieves who knew that there would be a laptop inside. Some laptop bags are still designed this way, but more and more of them are starting to look like handbags rather than four squares glued together.

In fact, designer laptop bags are especially adept at this, as they make their bags look exactly like handbags. They come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Most of them serve the dual-purpose of not only carrying your laptop and accessories, but your other personal items as well. Conveniently, you will only need one bag when walking out of the house heading for work.

A designer laptop bag sports a familiar name like Louis Vuitton or Fendi, and people often mistake them for an overly large handbag. Since these are always in style, carrying it around isn’t going to make it obvious that you’ve got something valuable on your person.

Better Quality

If you’re going to spend the money to get a laptop bag, you want to be guaranteed that it’s going to last through the extra-rough wear and tear carrying around a laptop will bring to it. A designer laptop bag will definitely give you a better quality, especially if it’s made out of leather, although canvas is also a popular choice. It’s made by designers who understand what a consumer wants when purchasing a designer bag. Certainly you want somewhere to put your laptop, and you may in fact what to be stylish, but they know they can’t just glue things together and stick it on the shelf. There has to be something unique about the handbag that will make it appealing to consumers. They deliver every time, often adding pockets, charms, and extra compartments to suit your needs.

More importantly, you’re likely to get an excellent warranty out of a designer laptop bag, as opposed to purchasing one from a store, which will limit you to 90 days or less for a replacement. Most designers offer lifetime warranties on their laptop bags if you register it with their company; that way even if it wears out through normal wear and tear you can still get a replacement for free. This feature alone obviously makes it well worth the investment.

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