Black Italian Eu

Black Italian Eu

Men prefer Black suit for most occasions by shanmugaanand

Black is a favorite color among men. For generations, men have been wearing suits, tuxedos and neckties which are black in color. In every man’s wardrobe, you will definitely see one black suit. Black is a very versatile color. Men would look best in black suit. No color would serve them better than a wool suit which is black in color. Most men think that black color is for mourning purpose. But in reality, most men wear black color suit for various occasions like wedding, parties, interview purpose etc.
Black is the ultimate catalyst when creating contrast. Created contrast is the key to building a striking, unique and compelling look that separates you from the rest of the gentlemen in the room.
A black suit would go well with pink, red or aqua colored shirt and a tie that blends with the bright colors of the shirt. Men can wear black suit frequently without tipping their hand to colleagues or competitors that it may be the only suit you own.
Many men prefer black color for blazers, dress shirts, footwear and accessories like cufflinks and tie bars. In a blazer, black is a popular color. But trend is changing towards tan or brown blazers with a black herringbone print. A herringbone print looks like a series of zigzags.
In dress shirts, black color goes well with bold stripe or windowpane design. A white shirt is often used either as a thin strip is excellent with or without a tie. If the shirt has bolder stripes it goes well with black silk tie and pastel colors like gold, electric blue or crimson. With a checked or windowpane design, a tie which has geometric prints may be appropriate.
Most of the men prefer black shoes. Casual shoes which are brown in color carry black stitching and vice versa. This allows for a pair of black shoes to be worn more casually †as previously black leather shoes have been regarded as strictly forma pieces of clothing.
In accessories, black would go well with gold and silver accessories. Major advantage of black jewelry is that it goes well with nearly every shirt and tie that you choose to wear. A silver tie clip or cufflinks would go well with every black suit, shirt and tie.
Before wearing a black suit do keep certain things on mind. See to it that you made necessary alterations required in the suit. It is important that you do all the alteration work before the occasion day. Otherwise on the occasion day, you will face lot of problem. Send your suit to a dry cleaner and have it professionally pressed, or steam your clear suit at home. While taking your bath, hang your suit properly on a hanger. The steam from the hot water in the closed room will help ensure that the suit is wrinkle free and ready to wear.
Find out dress code for the occasion and prepare the dress beforehand. Wear a black belt and black shoes to match your black suit. Always wear black dress socks, as white socks are never to be worn on formal occasions. Accessorize your suit. Add a formal, collared shirt with a matching tie.

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