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Black Boot

Why You Should Own a Pair of Black Fur Boots by jyec

Year after year, the must-have item on everyone's list is a chic pair of black fur boots, and you'll find that no surprise once we explain why you should own a pair of your own black fur boots! Black fur boots are a seasonal wardrobe staple, from stylish heeled boots trimmed with black fur in the city to suburban snow boots lined with comfy faux black fur.

Black Fur Boots with Class

Forget the image of bulky faux fur, black fur boots can be sexy, sleek and stylish. Black fur trim finds an elegant friend in suede.' Soft suede boots with a suede heel and black fur trim are a timeless and classy black fur boot that can go anywhere. Pair them with a little black dress or a flowing knee-length skirt and you can go anywhere, in any city.

Black fur boots with a wedge are also increasingly popular for city life. These black fur boots are more comfortable than heels and catch the eye when styled with sturdy black leather.' Black fur trim once again adds a stylish touch to the classic black wedge boot. Both city life and country life can appreciate the fashionable wedged black fur boot for its classy practicality.

Black Fur Boots for All Seasons

Not only should you own a pair of black fur boots for their timeless, sexy appeal, but also for their multiple uses in multiple seasons.' In colder climates, fur-lined boots prove to be the most stylish way to stay warm.' Black fur boots look great with long black thermal leggings and a fur-lined hat or ear muffs to match.' For ice or snow, make sure your black fur boots have a rubber sole to keep you safe from slipping. Some of the sportier companies, like Adidas and Puma, make a super trendy, all-purpose black fur boot that is modeled after their sneakers. These sporty back fur boots can go just about anywhere; even without a heel, these black fur-lined boots are fashionable enough when paired with a sleek black outfit.

Fur For All

When it comes to black fur boots, they are not only for all seasons, but for ALL. Men, this means you. Black fur boots are absolutely an 'equal opportunity' luxury. Outdoor companies like Sorrel make stylish all-weather black fur boots for men that are warm, comfy, durable AND hip.' Forget the old brown and tan boots and update your wardrobe in an instant with a black fur-lined boot that offers the same functionality.' Even designers like Kenneth Cole make a mid-calf black fur boot with the same sophisticated leather exterior we love and recognize. So gentlemen, it's time to get your fur on!

The most important reason why you should own a pair of black fur boots?' They come in so many styles, you can never go wrong. Just like that little black dress or tailored blazer, black fur boots will be stylish season after season, regardless of where you live and what you like to do. All year-round you can wear your black fur boots ' whether they have just a trim of fur, are lined with fur, or are completely fur from the inside out. is the web's premier fashion shopping experience where you can find women's black fur boots.

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